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Are you ready to take the first step towards increasing access to STI treatment in your ED? Download this implementation toolkit to share with your colleagues and get your ED started today.

You can also find our recent paper on EPT can stop STIs at here.

ACEP Statement on EPT

At the American College of Emergency Physicians Council Meeting of 2020, America's leading doctor group voted to support the practice of EPT and to advocate for legal protections for EPT.

Specifically, the ACEP resolution that was passed had the following statements:

  • RESOLVED, That ACEP develop a clinical policy supporting the use of expedited partner therapy; and be it further

  • RESOLVED, That ACEP develop model legislation that removes legal obstacles to expedited partner therapy, promotes legal clarity where the laws are ambiguous, and provides legal protection for health care professionals that choose to prescribe expedited partner therapy; and be it further

  • RESOLVED, That ACEP work with state and local health departments and key stakeholders to develop expedited partner therapy protocols.

Currently, the ACEP Clinical Policies Comittee has been assigned to review the EPT policy.

The State Legislative/ Regulatory Committee members are reviewing next steps regarding model legislation.

Learn How STIs Impact Your Local Area

The CDC keeps up to date state and county data on rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis, among other STIs. Use the Atlas Plus tool embedded here from the CDC website to learn more about how your local ED area is impacted by the STI epidemic.

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