EPT in the ED

Why should the ED consider EPT?

EPT is for individuals who are unlikely to seek timely care for a presumed STI diagnosis. Patients who use the ED for STI care may have barriers to healthcare access. Their partners may be less likely navigate the steps between presumed diagnosis and ultimate treatment. EPT in the ED is a targeted measure that ensures that individuals at high-risk for being untreated get the STI cures that they need.

Why is the current state of EPT in EDs?

A national survey of ED medical directors using the Academy of Academic Administrators of Emergency Medicine (AAAEM) Benchmarking Group from 2020 found the following:

Awareness of EPT was high (73%) but fewer knew how to prescribe (38%), and only 19% had implemented EPT. Most (79%) supported EPT, and were more likely to support if they were aware of EPT (89% vs 54%) Of non-implementers, 41% thought EPT was feasible and 56% thought departmental support would be likely.


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